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What We're About
Different Orchestra
Philharmonia Britannica, a classical symphony orchestra, was formed in 2007 by its musical director and conductor Peter Fender and became a registered charity (number 1128705) in March 2009.
Many amateur orchestras rehearse on a weekly basis and present perhaps three or four concerts each year. But Philharmonia Britannica is set up to be a little different. We aim to provide opportunities for more accomplished amateur musicians, and music students, to rehearse and perform music in a small amount of time.
We certainly don’t want to cause any clashes of allegiance for players in “regular” orchestras - it should be possible for players to carry on with their weekly rehearsals but also to fit in some of our concerts. Also we hope that Philharmonia Britannica may provide an orchestral playing outlet for those who may be unable to attend an orchestra with weekly rehearsals.
Through a positive and encouraging atmosphere we aim to meet high but attainable standards. This is greatly aided by a fine core of musicians (for example as well as our professional leader other professionals play with us regularly).
Different Audiences
Philharmonia Britannica is starting to explore partnerships with other art forms. Amongst other things we hope that this will appeal to the many music lovers who wouldn’t normally attend a classical concert. We also have plans to work in the field of education and to promote new compositions.
Overall, we want to bring the great music of the classical repertoire to as large and diverse an audience as possible. You can help us in this task by: Thank you in anticipation!
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